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Womenís Day Celebration at the SA Fisheries Museum Velddrif
Ms Singatwa Ntweka, Heritage Assistant at the South African Fisheries Museum in Velddrif and the Friends of the Museum organisation hosted a Womenís Day Tea-party at the museum on Womenís Day, Wednesday, 9 August 2017.

The invited guests were team leaders and supervisors from the local fish factory, Amawandle Pelagic. The ladies were enthusiastically welcomed by Ms Ntweka and given a short talk and tour of the historic fisheries museum.  The Friends of the Museum served tea and refreshments and everyone enjoyed a sociable and humorous chat with these leaders, who shared experiences and anecdotes from their social and working environments with the members of the Friends of the Museum.

Tina Williams, who began working at the fish factory, at the tender age of fourteen in 1969, remembers the time in the factoryís history, when the factory siren calling the workers to work,went  off at any time of day or night and everybody would immediately stop what they were doing at home, sometimes even from the dance floor on a Saturday night and dutifully report for work as the trawlers  brought in their catches of fish.

One or two of the ladies were dressed in traditional Xhosa costumes for this Womenís Day occasion at the museum and all present were fascinated when they were asked to explain the decorum and the cultural heritage surrounding the meaning of their outfits.

This Womenís day Event hosted by the South African Fisheries Museum was enjoyed by all the hosts and the guests.

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